Lloydminster, AB


Insured & Bonded by the NTLW, your warranty will last the lifetime of the vehicle.


The NTLW warranty can transfer to the next owner.

Higher Resale Value

The NTLW warranty stays with your car when you sell it, protecting your resale value.


If you move, you're still covered.

Our NTLW Approved Auto Body Shop Offers Repair Warranty

City Center Auto Body is an NTLW accredited shop. This means that when your car is repaired at our shop, lifetime transferrable warranty is available for the repairs Canada-wide for the entire life of your vehicle. This warranty can be transferred even when you sell your car. Repair warranty from an NTLW accredited shop comes with all of the following benefits:

  • Higher Vehicle Resale Value The resale value of your car is affected even after you’ve had it properly repaired. Our warranty will keep your resale value higher because the repair will always be covered by the warranty, even if you sell your car.

  • Verified Repair Shops Choosing an NTLW accredited shop ensures that the shop has the knowledge, skills and tools to complete your repair correctly.

  • Nationwide Coverage Often, warranty offered by body shops is only available locally, but our coverage is available nationwide, so you’re always covered no matter where you move.

  • Governance The NTLW is an establish third party protection agency.

  • Transferable Many warranties offered by body shops become void if you sell or trade your car or even change insurance providers. Our coverage is transferable when you sell your car, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming void.

  • Insured & Bonded In many cases, when the shop you purchased your warranty from closes or goes out of business, you are left with no warranty. The NTLW facilitates and bonds every warranty purchased so that you have coverage even if the body shop closes.

Lloydminster, SK


4407 - 52 Street, Lloydminster

SK, S9V 2B3

Main 306-825-0103
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Lloydminster, AB

5706 - 44 Street, Lloydminster

AB, T9V 0B6

Main 780-875-9522
Toll Free 1-800-387-6193



Business Hours

Monday            08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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